the philosophy behind the blockchain

ashleigh hill


“I am not a Financial Advisor, and cannot give financial advice, you should seek financial advisor from your professional Financial Advisor”

The Blockchain, The Crypto-sphere, Cryptocurrency, ICO'S, Altcoins, Ethereum, and as most have heard.. the infamous "Bitcoin." Something that absorbs not only many's thoughts but actions daily. The magic of this Crypto world isn't what it is at this instant, but what it can be.

The Blockchain: a global economy without limits that creates a universal transaction ledger for all participating to view. It opens the doors for an application of trust through networks, cryptography, and faith. The blockchain is an open infrastructure, constantly awaiting new ideas. Storing infinite kinds of assets, leaving everyone on the same side of the ledger each day. All secured by the unique mathematics behind cryptography, minors, and most importantly, you.

It is a technological institution that will change the way we as humans exchange value. Letting you and the greater community be the deciders of our fate of the global economy, potentially including governing systems. We should be joyful to have had the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi, leak his formula communal within Bitcoin's white paper, graciously giving us the keys to unlock the framework of a better future. Within the Blockchain, all transaction history gets locked in blocks of data that are linked together and then secured. They are then replicated on every person’s universal and personal ledger, thus for creating a shared reality over non-trusting enticticies. The system uses complex mathematical functions (cryptography) to arrive at a definitive record of who owns what, when. We do not need the nodes of modern day culture, like the companies/or persons social media profile, because we have the ability to judge and validate the blockchain for ourselves. Accessible to everyone, controlled by no one.

Anyone can sign up, individuals or corporations, whether you are rich or poor. You are able to purchase or sell as little as $1 in your local currency worth of bitcoin or ether. It is a network where everyone is equal and independent of institutions that have limited the person to a gamble on chance based on trust in the concept or application. Even better, if this application is benevolent, our world will reward us so. There for what bitcoin has unlocked is one of the most important ideologies of them all, a new found global stability in trust. This adds value to cryptocurrency and the blockchain idea as it goes and grows, not only in cost value but more importantly moral value. Money is not the valuable thing anymore, money is just the thing for the valuable creation itself.

Human society has been based on the fact that in order to coordinate the activity between the masses we have to have something to trust in whether that be the media, the banks, or political institutions. Collections of people are nationally governed and policies were created by a formula to run human centers of trust through traditions and the theme of longevity within a singular community. The answer that we’ve came up with to establish that trust has now become the problem.

Institutions of trust are inadequate for our time, and even worse they are failing all over the world… from third world countries to super powers. The worst of it all, we are now failing whether it be the mainstream gossip that plagues our media or within the highest of the political institutions which are filled with moral corruption.. when promoting connection and collaboration should be at the basis of all's ideology.

“Never give up No matter what is going on Never give up. Develop the heart. Too much energy in your country is spent Developing the mind instead of the heart. Be compassionate not just to your friends But to everyone. Work for peace in your heart and in the world. Work for Peace and I say again Never give up No matter what is happening, No matter what is going on around you, Never give up.” -The Dalai Lama (Quoted in the Journal of the Tibet Society of the United Kingdom, Winter 1999/2000)

The Blockchain is a harmonic entity of the mind, heart, and soul. As the blockchain grows, so does its universal value. Everything's better when done collectively. Being that we are all human, skin, and bone, we should be able to all have faith in the global economy and institutions.

We are no longer an industrial nation, but a tech one.. A technological revolution has arose, but we are ALSO in need of a spiritual one, if we wish for longevity for our kind. We are running on a global scale and have now acquired a global running software. Efficiency and effectiveness attributes will come if we globally protect our kind and world for the future. The blockchain system may give us the tools to do this, but it is our duty to learn and grow our knowledge in it. A flower can not grow without sunlight. We have the opportunity to solve problems for the 7+ people that walk this earth, including our own.

It's time to get the nodes in place, we are on the cusp of a way humans, companies, and their data is organized as well as spread. The blockchain is a composite technical universal constitution for all, collective of altruistic opportunities.

It is in its infancy and it is infinite.

In cryptocurrency, there are many "caps." George Washington after 20 years of serving the United States decided to set an example for those who come next, Satoshi at the core of his work followed this movement. Within Washington's fair well address he said a goodbye filled with flags that admit the truth to innovation at the highest levels possible, leading and leaving a system open to innovation and an almost constant ""forced"" change to a certain extent. Satoshi Nakamoto did this as well, creating an arguably potential ""cap"", leaving room for innovation exceeding ideas we didn't even think possible. Hamilton warned Washington, he thought the people would see Washington as weak for not continuing to lead similar to those of the monarchies. Washington disagreed stating they'd see him as strong, Satoshi and Washington's positions are unique, to simply.. move the people along. When Washington said farewell to power, this is comparable to Satoshi 's release of his innovation and creation for the worlds benefit. Both show evident signs of understanding for the bigger picture: global, innovative, and peaceful collaboration. Most importantly, a chance. 

All systems are a go my friends.