Tangible st art


Living in NYC , there is a variety of discarded furniture weekly put out on the streets to be thrown away or taken by people like... me! Over time my roommate and I's furniture collection from the streets began to grow. Then one afternoon, Katie, brought home a "surfboard table". She directed me to paint it and the rest was history. Instead of just only bringing in the furniture, I then constantly began recreating it. To the point where we were are overload. 

That's when the Tangible ST Art Project was born. As we were taking from the community, it only seemed right to recreate the piece and then give it right back. Not only brightening another's day, but also giving love and nurture to the piece of furniture itself. 

Enriching someone else’s life and give back to the community while up-cycling furniture. The perfect one-liner summed by Asher Jay explaining this project. 


Yesterday we dropped the 3rd true piece of the tangible st art project. Each week, we bring in furniture off the street, it’s recreated, and then put it back out up for grabs by the community. This week, this cabinet I really had trouble letting go of.. It started a dark brown and took multiple coats to go yellow, then the dive down the rabbit hole began.

This is the first time I’ve drawn, painted, and created like this in years. I typically just draw, paint, or another medium but never draw, then paint, then finalize. The drawers are lined with one of my old favorite dresses, a map of Barcelona in another, butterflies on the handles, gold foil lining for dreams, and the addition of a @vogue Alice and Wonderland shoot on the side.

This piece was picked up by the most wonderful women who had ironically been looking for cabinet ALL day and on top of it mentioned she needed to go to Spain earlier that day. Synchronicity πŸ’«πŸŒŸβ˜€οΈ on to the next one!! Stay curious πŸ˜›